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For many groups the word auto enrolment will bring fear and loathing as organisations begin to face up to employer lead compulsory pension arrangements for qualifying staff. For others it will remain a bit of a mystery as to what it all involves and indeed whether it involves them at all.

Well the truth is more likely to mean that most groups will be captured by this government scheme which has been phasing in employers from the largest to the smallest over the past couple of years. For those smaller organisations (anything under 30 employers) the focus starts to shift to us with what’s called ‘staging dates’ (the date by which you must have the an employer/employee contributing pension in place by) now being issued by The Pension Regulator.

LAYC has been aware and concerned about the impact this will have on most groups and in particular those who don’t have any pension scheme in place and we have run a couple of auto enrol seminars to raise groups awareness of what they need to do and by when. At our most recent event member groups were asking if LAYC, in conjunction with the advisory company we use, would consider offering direct support to member groups to help get a ‘qualifying’ pension scheme set up and  running for staff.

Following discussions with the company concerned we are exploring what that service could look like and what demand there might be. This will assist us to gauge the potential level of interest and thereafter design a package with which would include potential costs.

To help us make those judgments it would be very helpful if as many member groups as possible could complete the monkey survey which has 10 short questions so we can make better sense of what kind of support member groups are looking for.

The link to the survey is

Thanks for your time.



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