Insurance Information 2015/16

As part of the membership you can opt to take out the insurance cover that is provided via our colleagues at Youth Scotland. In seeking to do so you should complete the Membership and Insurance form duly completed and accommpanied by a cheque payable to LAYC for the right amount as detailed on the form. Your insurance is deemed to have commenced when recieved by LAYC but please note that your Employers Liability Insurance certificate, which you need to display in your work premises, may take a few weeks to process prior to it arriving  from Youth Scotland.

You can also view or download Insurance Matters produced by Youth Scotland and Towergate.

All groups affiliated to LAYC must have adequate insurance cover and if you have taken out Membership Only we will require you to complete a section on the form confirming and providing sufficient details of the insurance cover you have in place.

Membership and Insurance year

The affiliation year and insurance year runs from the 1st November to the 31st October and you will be sent a new affiliation form in advance of the end period but please ensure you notify us of any change of mailing address as this can delay or prevent this getting to you in time.

The insurers allow for a further month cover post the 31st October till the end November (Friday 31st November at midnight) in order that any delayed forms are not at risk of not having insurance cover in place during that time. However, after that  (midnight of 31st November) date and time you will have deemed not to have taken out cover with Youth Scotland and therefore your insurance will have lapsed.

Any membership with insurance after that date will commence from the date of reciept and cannot be back dated.

Who provides the cover?

Youth Scotland use the number of  members they have to negotiate and reduce the costs of the insurance to the best deal possible. Over the past number of years the actual insurance  has been with the insurance company Ansvar (this is the name on your certificate) and this is provided through an insurance brokers Towergate Insurance who are based in Glasgow.

As part of their support package to member  groups, Towergate Insurance deal with and offer any guidance you need in respect of an insurance enquiry or claim. The designated contact for LAYC/Youth Scotland groups is Lynne Tumilty who can be contacted on either 0141 223 6800 or by email

What is covered?

The insurance cover is designed with the needs of youth and children groups in mind and provides the following insurance  –

  • Employers Liability Insurance – up to £10 million limit for any one claim
  • Public Liability Insurance – up to £2 million limit for any one claim
  • Additional Public Liability Insurance – you have the option of extending cover to £5 million by purchasing a further £3 million of cover (see form for details and costs)
  • Member to Member Insurance – up to £2 million limit for any one claim
  • Product Liability Insurance – £2 million for any one claim
  • Additional Public Liability – if you take out the additional PL cover, both Product and Member to Member cover is extended to £5 Million for any one claim
  • Contents Insurance – up to a maximum of £3,000 with a £200 excess

What does this mean?

  • Employers’ Liability Insurance (ELI) covers any person you have hired or is under contract to your group including volunteer helpers. ELI cover enables organisations to meet the costs of any compensation and legal fees for employees (paid and volunteers) who are injured or made ill at work as a result of negligence. By law, you must have ELI and be insured for at least £5 million. Groups without ELI are liable for a hefty fine and not be covered for any damages awared against them. You must also display the ELI Certificate that you will be issued with by Youth Scotland via Towergate Insurance. Please note  you are also required to retain these certificates for at least 40 years.
  • Public Liability Insurance (PL) covers any person other than employees who, as a result of negligence, maybe injured during the activities of your group or by products supplied by your group. This type of insurance covers any award that is made (including related legal fees, costs and expenses) as a result of the negligence of a worker, volunteer or member of your group. The standard cover under this current policy has a limit up to £2 million for any one claim. You can extend this cover by a further £3 million and please check the Membership and Insurance form for the details and additional fees.
  • Hazardous and excluded activities – a number of activities are considered by the insurer to be hazardous and/or excluded and therefore not covered by this policy. Please check that list thoroughly and if in any doubt please contact Towergate Insurance to get clarifaction or advice and if additional cover can be purchased directly.
  • Contents Insurance within the package covers up to a maximum of £3,000 whilst in your premises. A £200 excess applies to all claims and please check the policy for what it does and doesn’t cover.

What are your legal liabilities as an organisation?

An organisation can be held legally liable if it is proven that it was negligent or failed to take ‘reasonable care’ to prevent injury or damage to property. This includes the actions of all employees and volunteers while they are working for the organisation.

This liability arises from a duty of care on all individuals and organisations to avoid carelessly injuring clients and members of the public or causing damage to their property through negligence.

Please note that a liability claim can only be successful if the insured is proven to be negligent in their actions and has caused some type of injury to the claimant or damage to property during their time in connection with the youth/children’s group.

Why do you need cover anyway?

As an employer you have a legally responsibility towards your workers, volunteers, youth or children’s group or a member of the public. You could be held legally liable and at risk of being sued if someone is injured as a result of your neligence or breach of duty. Liability insurance is designed to pay any compensation and legal costs that occur if your group are found to be at fault.

Activities in your groups

The insurance policy offered by Ansvar covers general activities that insurers would expect youth and children groups to be involved in. Inevitably some groups will become involved in other activities that may be considered by the insurers to be hazardous which can range from fireworks displays to archery to high level walking for example. Hazardous activities require certain additional safeguards and conditions to be met and they are usually require an increased insurance premium.

If you are in any doubt if an activity is hazardous or excluded then contact Towergate Insurance.

Some activities are considered by the insurer to be excluded and Ansvar will not insure these as listed below. If your group is keen to take part in an activity that is excluded, then you should arrange these activities through a recognised Activity Centre or provider.

  • any type of motor vehicle
  • moutain biking
  • boxing
  • bungee run
  • gorge walking
  • cliff or rock climbing
  • earth balling (only canvas material)
  • elastic rope sports or activities
  • flying
  • hand gliding
  • horse riding
  • hunting
  • martial arts
  • mountaineering
  • paint balling
  • parachuting
  • polo
  • pot holing
  • professional sport of any kind
  • racing
  • roller blading
  • shooting
  • skate boarding
  • water activities (except swimming)
  • winter sports

Choosing an activity provider

If you decide to book a residential or a session(s) with an activity centre or an activity provider, make sure that you are satisfied that the company has the appropiate health and safety measures and licences in place and that they comply with the required UK and European legislation. All groups should check with the activity centre prior to events taking place to ensure that the Public Liability insurance is in force for an indemnity of at least £2m or £5m if you’ve taken additional cover through your membership.

Youth Scotland Insurance Policy

You view or download a copy of the Insurance Scheme Brochure (summary) or a copy of the  Policy Document (full)  by clicking on the appropriate link.

Along with your Employers Liability Insurance Certificate you will recieve a full copy of the insurance policy in your membership pack that will be sent to you from Youth Scotland.