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MEMBERSHIP (with Insurance)



Your Membership is due to expire in on 31 October 2017.

You were sent an email at the start of October from  (subject:  Youth Scotland Membership Renewal), notifying you that your Membership was due for renewal.

(This was not a scam – they send on your LAYC membership fee after deducting any insurance costs you add )

If you wish to renew your membership for another year and continue to access membership benefits including : training; support; resources; and access to insurance and PVG checks – please refer to the email that was sent to you as above.  The email sent contains your online membership renewal link.

If you are unable to see the renewal email in your inbox, please check your junk mail box.  If you still can’t see the renewal email, please contact Youth Scotland at or tel. 0131 554 2561. 


Of course you can always phone us ( 0131-667-1828) or email us ( ) here at LAYC

Not a Member of LAYC ? Why ever not ?

Tis the season to be jolly … and past that time for member groups to have completed their online rejoining process .

Still not re-Joined ?

Get in touch with LAYC now if you can’t find your emailed renewal link.

 And if you now find yourself without insurance cover  ( IT EXPIRED ON 30th NOVEMBER )

 then Groups should contact


At Youth Scotland  (Tel ; 0131-554-2561 )

Membership Forms 2016/17

Group Membership

Membership Only 2016-17

Membership of LAYC, Youth Scotland and UK Youth

Membership Fee – £150

Membership PLUS Insurance 2016-17

Includes all the benefits of Membership of LAYC, Youth Scotland and UK Youth     PLUS insurance package via Youth Scotland

Membership Fees – £290(for under 100 members/contacts) 

                                    –  £350 (for over 100/under 500 members/contacts)

At quarterly intervals the fees are discounted to reflect the period of membership remaining. Check the membership forms for the details.

For groups with over 500  members please contact LAYC  – essentially you join as “Members Only ” and then get a direct quote from the insurers but still at the  LAYC/ Youth Scotland  insurance cover  heavily discounted rates .

Please note that if a group does not re-affiliate by  30th November they will no longer be covered by the Youth Scotland insurance package.

Membership Guidance Notes

Individual Membership

BIG Lottery Fund – Awards for All

Press Release

Youth Work Research – update

Following a successful launch seminar of the recent research report ‘Universal Youth Work – a critical review of the literature’, further work is being done to explore the research gaps that it has thrown up and begin to prioritise what youth work focus research would be of benefit to the sector particularly given the current funding climate.

A follow up workshop lead by the Scottish Collaboration for Public Health Research and Policy (SCPHRP) and involving practitioners, managers and academics it began to explore and prioritise what focussed research would be of most benefit to youth work in Scotland over the next few years. The insights and priorities identified will now be taken forward by the youth work research group under the chair of Dona Milne  which is a sub group of Youthlink Scotland’s implementation group for the National Youth Work Strategy.

To view or download the summary report or full report please click on the embedded links.



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