Latest issue Fast Networks

A bumper issue of Fast Networks is just out with a full 8 pages of articles celebrating some fantastic work across our member groups along with more focussed pieces on auto enrolment and the recent launch of youth work research report.

Hard copies have gone out in a mailing to all member groups and it is available to download via this link.



The Nancy Ovens Awards for Play

The Nancy Ovens Awards for Play recognise and encourage the contribution made by individuals, community groups, local authorities and others in the provision of good quality play experiences in outdoor settings.

The Awards for 2015 will be presented at the Sam Leask Memorial Park in Kirkton near Dumfries on the 12th September 2015.

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Re-thinking universal youth work – full report available!

The  literature review of the impact of universal youth work has now seen the full report published which had been preceded by an Executive Summary launched at a recent youth work seminar held at Edinburgh University.

The review coincides with the new National Youth Work Strategy (2014 – 19) which focuses the attention of young people, practitioners, and policy makers on the importance of youth work and an unprecedented engagement amongst young people post referendum with the political process and the reality of democratic participation.

The findings from the review also present a number of challenges. How do we continue to celebrate the best of youth work practice in an environment where public services are subject to radical surgery? How can we draw on real evidence about the way we work, rather than what we would like to hear? How can we invest time, energy, and resources to help us better understand the long term impact of youth work? Where does universal youth work sit within the National Youth Work Strategy?

The evidence highlights the positive contribution universal youth work does make to health and wellbeing outcomes, improving formal educational and impact on employability whilst providing a safe yet challenging spaces for personal and social development learning.

The next stage is to engage the wider youth work sector, including young people themselves, to collectively gathering the evidence base for universal youth work.

Thanks are due to: The Robertson Trust, YouthLink Scotland, and Youth Scotland for funding; The University of Edinburgh for hosting and managing the research; The Edinburgh Youth Work Consortium for initiating and guiding the work; LAYC for back room support; NHS Lothian and NHS Health Scotland for providing in-kind support and Dr Callum McGregor for doing the research.

New training programme for 2015!

The new training for Spring 2015 has just been sent out so to see what training goodies we have available you can view or download using the above link.

More details are available on the training page or contact LAYC.

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