What is the new PVG Scheme?

The new PVG scheme was established by the Protection of Vulnerable Groups (Scotland) Act 2007. It replaces the previous Disclosure system.

The new scheme aims to ensure that those who have regular contact with vulnerable groups through the workplace (in paid and unpaid positions), do not have a history of inappropriate behaviour.

It will exclude people who are known to be unsuitable, on the basis of past behaviour, from working with children and/or protected adults.

It will also detect those who become unsuitable while in post.

Who will the PVG Scheme affect?

The PVG Scheme will affect all those in the ‘regulated workforce’. The regulated workforce consists of individuals that have regular contact with vulnerable groups, e.g. children, through the workplace (in paid and unpaid positions). This includes staff and volunteers working in community based youth and childrens groups.

To check whether a post qualifies as being part of the ‘regulated workforce ‘ groups should use Disclosure Scotland’s regulated work self assessment tool.

When did the PVG scheme start?

The new PVG scheme in Scotland took over from the  Disclosure system in February 2011.

Initially workers and volunteers were only able to be  registered as PVG Scheme members when they begin a NEW post.

From October 2012 , Disclosure Scotland started to enrol  the remaining  ‘regulated workforce’ – this “retrospective” checking process for staff already in post when the PVG scheme started is to be phased in over 3 years .

Initially LAYC  have to date only been allocated 3 of these “retrospective” checks per month. This obviously may have some  impact on our ability to carry out checks on behalf of the 30 member groups who have “contracted ” LAYC to carry out PVG checks on their behalf !

I work/volunteer with young people – what does it mean for me?

If you take up a new post, or change post, from February 2011 your employer will ask you to join the PVG scheme. If you are currently in a post which started prior to the introduction of the PVG scheme you do not need to do anything. Your employer ought to be considering how they can arrange for a staggered programme of  “retrospective ” checks on all their staff in the same  position as you .

I am in charge of employing staff/ recruiting volunteers – what does it mean for me?

From February 2011 you will need to ask all new workers or volunteers in the regulated workforce to join the PVG Scheme.

You ought to be considering how to introduce a phased or staggered programme of  “retrospective”  checks on  all of your existing  staff who are undertaking “regulated work”.

You should ensure that you only apply for PVG scheme membership for staff who meet the criteria- laid down by the legislation- by checking the regulated work self assessment tool  .