EYSIP Reports at LAYC

The following is a list of reports produced by EYSIP between 2000 and 2004. If you are interested in obtaining electronic copies of any of these reports, please contact LAYC.

1999-2000 Pilot Projects

Self-Harm Action Research (Penumbra)
Examining the perceptions and experiences of young people who self-harm.

The Art of Inclusion (Out of the Blue Trust)
Using art and creative based approaches to examine barriers to education and employment

Mind The Gap (Bethany Christian Trust)
Examining gaps in the education of homeless young people.

Access to Literacy (The Travellers Project)
Focusing on the education of young gypsy travellers and their educational needs can be better met

Restalrig Pilot Project (Streetwork)
Examining the social exclusion of young people in the Restalrig area

Lesbian and Gay Contact Monitoring Development (Stonewall Youth)
Examining existing research into the needs of LGBT young people

Monitoring Youth Homelessness (Lothian Homelessness Forum)
Examining the monitoring systems of agencies working with homeless young people.

2000-2001 Action Research and Development Grants

Access to Social, Cultural and Leisure Opportunities

Arts Explorers: Young people accessing the arts (The Audience Business)
Involved 36 socially excluded young people in the arts through discussions and visits.

Access All Areas (Edinburgh and East of Scotland Deaf Society)
Explored young deaf people’s access to social, cultural and leisure opportunities

Out ‘n’ About (Phab Scotland)
Explored issues for young people with disabilities accessing mainstream youth opportunities

Gorgie/Dalry Young People’s Partnership (Barnardos 16+)
Developed a programme to help young care-leavers develop independent living skills and access leisure opps.

Stepping Out (Edinburgh Campaign and Services for Homeless People)
Supported young homeless people’s access to social, cultural and leisure opportunities

Bridging the Gap (The Ark)
Examined the barriers for young homeless people in accessing leisure opportunities

Dance Base Youth Action Research Project (Dance Base)
Developed a program of activities for young people and a dance and movements skill base

16-21 Young Carers Action Research Project (Edinburgh Young Carers’ Project)
Explored the barriers to young carers participation in leisur opportunities and possible solutions

Scene but not Herd (Stonewall Youth Project)
Assessed the leisure needs of LGBT young people and made informed them of those leisure opps already available


Turnaround out of Offending (6VT)
Examined social issues behind young offenders behaviour and worked with them through groupwork

In-Transition Project (Fairbridge)
tackled the barriers to re-integration into faced by young people with a history of offending

Peer Mediation Project (SACRO/Drummond Community High School)
Used peer mediation to empower students with learning disabilities etc. in conflict resolution at school

Speak Out and Be Safe (EYSIP Development Project with partners Stonewall, Victim Support Scotland)
Examined the issue of young people as victims of crime, due to racial origin or sexual orientation


Consulting Looked After Young People on their Education (Social Work Dept)
Explored solutions to improve the access to education for looked after young people

IT + Community Learning (The Lifelong Learning Partnership)
Investigated how IT and learning centres offer a new way into learning for young people

Edu-cat-anon: an action research project (Outlook Project and AMPS)
Examined alternative education processes for young people who have experienced mental health difficulties

The Big Step (Edinburgh Compact)
Used the ‘Compact Approach’ to improve the post-school transition for young people with learning difficulties

Edinburgh Bfriends Action Research Project (Edinburgh Bfriends)
Examined whether the Bfriends approach could help socially excluded young people overcome barriers to education, training and employment.

Young Adults in Education in Craigmillar (The Learning Centre)
Developed and implemented more effective ways of working in order to engage more young people in the Learning Centre’s work

Leaving School- Barriers to Social Inclusion (Citadel Youth Centre)
Explored the barriers preventing young people from realising their potential in the transition from school

Real Choices (Scottish Human Services Trust, Inclusion Implementation Team of CEC)
Examined issues for young people with learning disabilites in leaving secondary school

Stills/Panmure House Creative ICT Education Project (Stills, Panmure House School Support Centre)
Engaged 2 groups of young people from Panmure House to work as production teams using ICT to produce the content for an interactive CD-ROM


Youth In Mind – Feasibility Study (EYSIP and ECHO)
Identified the main issues around young people’s access to counselling and support

Safe and Sorted? Not in Leith (Leith Youth Workers Forum)
Investigated the barriers which young people identify in gaining access to sexual health services and condoms

Girlz Girlz Girlz (Stonewall Youth Project)
Examining issues around the health needs of young LBTwomen

Mental Health Needs of Black and Minority Ethnic Young Women (Saheliya)
Identified and supported the mental health needs of young black and minority ethnic women in Edinburgh

Well-being of Disabled Young Women (Scotland Yard Adventure Centre)
Explored perceptions of well-being among young women with special needs

Health Yerself (Phab)
Tackled barriers for young disabled people to empowered use of various health services

Training and Employment

Supported Induction project (Cyrenians / Apex / 20:20 and Fairbridge)
Supported excluded young people in developing and demonstrating core skills to employers

Partners in Education (ECSH Step Up Project)
Developed a year long personal and social development programme

Working IT Out (Forth Sector)
Involved young people with mental health problems in making the transition to employment

Support for Special Training Needs (Apex)
Examined barriers preventing young people from sustaining involvement with Skillseekers Special Training Needs provision

Integrating Further Education into Action Research (SCSH & Stevenson College)
Involved young homeless people in the opportunity to gain SVQ/SQUA unit/ SQUA units

Development Projects

You Can Run but You Can’t Talk (Streetwork)
Explores the

experiences of young runaways in Edinburgh and makes recommendations to agencies

Calton Inclusion Project
An evaluation and business planning exercise to establish future direction and potential sources of funding for the project

Evaluation of young people’s views on youth provision in VISSES

Youth Zones (EYSIP Development Project)
Established Youth Zones in selected areas of Edinburgh

A development planning exercise to help establish priorities, resource needs and staff time needs for the different strands of their work with young disabled people

2001-2002 Development Grants

The Audience Business
Establishing a group of young art activists to encourage other young people to engage with the arts

Community Education Youth and Children’s Work Support Team
Providing a curricular resource on citizenship for young people with learning disabilities attending special schools

Building Bridges (Edinburgh Leisure)
Developing a training programme for staff to ensure leisure facilities are youth-friendly and accessible.

Where to Access Guide (ECSH Step Up Service)
Producing a guide for homeless young people on where to access free and discounted leisure activities

Catch 22 (The Ark Trust)
Examines young homeless peoples’ experiences of crime and under-reporting

One Step Beyond (Career Development Edinburgh & Lothians)
Producing a workshop manual for schools etc. based on work from The Big Step project

2002-2003 Implementation & Small Grants

Implementation Projects

Action Research Implementation Project (EEDS)
Working with 3 service providers to increase young deaf people’s access to social opportunities

Moving Out – engaging with hard to reach care leavers (Move On)
Developed a peer education programme to reduce the likelihood of young care leavers becoming homeless

After “looked after” – building improved integrated services for young people leaving care. (SHS & SWD)
Improving the transition to independent adult life for young care leavers by providing on-going support and preparation.

ANGST – A Novel and Groundbreaking Staff Training Package (ECLIS)
Training staff to counteract behavioural problems and encourage young people to engage with library facilities

RU–UP–4IT (Edinburgh Leisure)
Improving young people’s participation in leisure activities

Restalrig/Lochend – Youth Development Worker (Restalrig Steering Group)
Improving young people access to and participation in community services in Restalrig & Lochend

Transition (Citadel Youth Centre)
Improving young people’s transition from school to post-school through the guidance of a mentor

All Together Now (Phab)
Developing a resource to pack improve young disabled people’s access to leisure opportunities

Small Grants

On the Right Track: A Capacity Building Project to Deliver Training (Stonewall Youth)
Developing training and

consultancy to meet the demands for the delivery of training on LGBT issues affecting young people.

Development of Mentoring with Young Women Working in the Sex Industry (SCOT-PEP)
Tackling the social isolation and vulnerability of young women working in the sex industry and improving their acces to health services etc.

Peer Training – 1:1 Project (Move On)
Residential training programme to help peer educators engage with hard-to-reach young homeless people

The Ark Trust Research into Drugs and the Law (The Ark Trust)
Working with young homeless people as co-researchers to

investigate and research drugs legislation.

Arts Masters in Action (LCDP)
Involving young people in planning for the European Year of Disabled

People (EYDP2003) through a residential event.

Lifting the Lid on Youth Participation in Edinburgh (EYSIP & CEC)
Engaging the

participation of young people and workers involved in current forms of youth participation in Edinburgh

The Meadows – Youth Sport Project (Edinburgh Leisure)
Encouraging young people to participate in sporting / leisure activities in the Meadows

Sikh Sanjog Power to Youth (Sikh Sanjog)
Exploring the difficulties

facing Sikh young people in accessing mainstream services.

Development Work with Young South Asian Women (Nari Kallyan Shangho)
Working with young South Asian women to develop a range of materials about their needs

Support Needs of Young Lone Parent Families (One Parent Families Scotland)
Working with young one-parent families to develop services relevant to their specific needs

Rewarding Young People – Piloting Youth Achievement Awards in Edinburgh (LAYC)
Demonstrating the benefits of the Youth Achievement Awards to groups working with socially-excluded young people

Skills for Independent Living (Fairbridge)
A 4-stage intervention that equips young homeless people with the

key secondary life skills necessary to manage and tenancy and live independently:

Chill Out (St Katherine’s Young People’s Centre)
Using a multi-sensory room to prevent the use of physical restraint of young people at the centre

Nigerian Union Youth Support (The Nigerian Union)
Improving social and leisure activities for Nigerian young people living in Edinburgh

Playback Transition Project (Playback)
Using a multi-media approach for young disabled people to express their views on the transition to adult life

On the Wall (Craigmillar Community Arts, North Edinburgh Arts, WHALE and

Out of the Blue: Arts in South Edinburgh)
Involving socially excluded young people in developing a visual arts show based on a programme of visits to galleries etc.

Black and Ethnic Minority Young Mens’ Wellbeing Pilot Project (Men in Mind)
Producing a video to express the mental health needs of young men

Enlighten Befriending Research Project (Enlighten Action for Epilepsy)
Investigating difficulties faced by young people with epilepsy in accessing social and leisure opportunities

Bored Meetings? – Including Young Decision Makers (EVOC)
Developing a training programme to involve young people in decision-making processes.

Muslim Festival Celebration (Nari Kallyan Shangho)
Bringing socially isolated young South Asian women together in organising a Muslim festival

Breaking the Barriers (MELDI)
Exploring social inclusion for minority ethnic young people with learning disabilities

ECSH Altering Attitudes Project (SHS)
Developing training to tackle discriminatory behaviour towards young homeless people in hostels

Partners in Advocacy (Edinburgh Youth) (Partners in Advocacy)
Using peer advocates to support young people with learning disabilities as they plan for adulthood

2003 -2004 Implementation, Small & Special Grants

Implementation Grants

Families Support (Cairnpark School)
Providing dedicated family support to the parents and pupils of Cairnpark School.

The Generation Game (The Ark)
Exploring approaches to change community perceptions of homeless people in the City Centre/Old Town area and building relationships between residents/business and homeless people.

SCOT-PEP Young Persons’ Project (SCOT-PEP)
Developing a model of outreach to young women involved in prostitution, building relationships with them and using the relationship to offer support

Action Fund for Community Youth Support (North Edinburgh Community Youth Support Group)
Developing a resource that could be used to enable a rapid response to young people involved in ‘anti-social’ behaviour.

Small Grants – Young People in Care

Zealous Active Participation – ZAP (Northfields YPC)
Enabling young people in Northfield Y.P.C. to develop learning goals through a personal learning plan.

Readiness for Referral (Pentland View Through & After Care Service)
Experimenting with ways to encourage former residents to widen their support networks in the transition to independent adulthood

Planning for Effective Interventions (Pentland View Through & After Care)
Helping staff teams to build networks and develop resources to enable planned interventions for young people having difficulties with becoming independent from care

Small Grants – Youth Participation

Award Inclusive in Greater Pilton (Friends of the Award in Edinburgh and the Lothians)
Involving over 30 young people from the Greater Pilton area who are at risk of offending in the Duke of Edinburgh’s Awards Programme.

Having Your Say (Streetwork)
Involving homeless young people in the strategic development and planning in relation to Edinburgh’s Homeless Strategy vision to end homelessness in the city.

Student Participation in Support Base for Vulnerable Young People (Westerhailes Education Centre)
Promoting the active participation of young people in all aspects of the provision of a support base for those experiencing difficulties in the transition to secondary school

Growing Ideas Project (The Fruitmarket Gallery)
Establishing a youth advisory group at the Fruitmarket Gallery and deliver an interactive arts events for excluded young people.

Special Grants – Reaching Out to BME Young People

Arts Explorer (The Audience Business)
Encouraging access to the arts for BME young people and changing their perception of the arts, by taking them through a six-month programme of arts workshops and visits.

BME Youth Participation in Environment & Heritage (Black Environment Network)
Encouraging BME young people to engage with the environment and heritage of Scotland through a series of educational trips and activities

Award Inclusive Within the Sikh Community (Friends of the Award in Edinburgh and the Lothians)
Establishing a Duke of Edinburgh’s Award group for girls in the Sikh community in Central Edinburgh

Chinese Costumes from Different Dynasties Fashion Show and Education Pack (Edinburgh Chinese Dance & Cultural Youth Group)
Enabling young people to learn about the costumes of the different dynasties of ancient China and presenting their designs in a fashion show

Swim4All (Edinburgh Leisure)
Providing training and employment opportunities for BME young people in sport and physical activity

Young Saheliya (Saheliya)
Supporting BME young women and provide intergenerational opportunities for mutual understanding

2004-2005 Implementation / Special Grants

Implementation Grants – Looked After & Accommodated Young People

Looked After & Accommodated (Edinburgh Secure Services)
Initiated more positive transitions from the care setting into independent living environments.

Connecting Resources (Edinburgh Connect)
Created a resource bank of assessment and intervention tools with a clear evidence base to be used with young people in residential care.

Time to Talk (Pentland View)
Developed a pro active, early intervention model of working with young people who have drug and/or alcohol use issues or are affected by such issues

Implementation Grants – Excluded Young People’s Participation

Edinburgh Development Group Project (Edinburgh Development Group)
Examined the barriers to participation for young people with disabilities and how such barriers can be overcome through good practice within organisations

The Leith Big Shop (The Puppet Lab)
Gave young people in Leith the opportunity to prepare for and take part in a large-scale arts event in their local community

Young Parent’s Participation Project (One Parent Families Scotland)
Helped young parents identify and overcome the barriers to their participation

Transitional Support for Young People with Asperger’s Syndrome (Intowork)
Linked with schools assisting young adults aged 14+ with Asperger’s Syndrome to access a social skills training course with an aim to aid the difficult transition from school to further education, training or employment

Runaways Advocacy Project (Streetwork)
Engaged with young people under the age of 18 who have run away from home or substitute care to assess support needs and reduce both the numbers and repeated episodes of running away in Edinburgh

Special Grants – Reaching Out to BME Young People

Better Access for All (Citadel Youth Centre)
Removed barriers to increase the participation and inclusion of young people from black and minority ethnic groups in all Citadel services

Youth Zone for BME Young People (ELREC)
Established a youth zone within the premises of ELREC where young people from BME communities can explore issues of interest in a safe and youth-friendly environment

Youth Newsletter (Sikh Sanjog)
Supported Sikh young people to produce a bi-monthly newsletter

African Young Persons’ Project
Developing support services for and with African young people living in Edinburgh affected by HIV through an HIV+ family member