Dunford Bequest

The Joyce Dunford Bequest

Are you looking for money to help put an idea you have into action?

The Joyce Dunford Bequest may be able to provide up to £150 to help you or your group get your idea started.

Who is it for?

Anyone who is part of a club, group or project that is a member of LAYC. Applications can be made by or for an individual or group.

How much can you get?

Up to £150 depending on what you’ve applied for. If you can evidence matched funding this will improve your chances. Remember, not all applications will be successful!

What can I apply for?

That’s your decision. Grants will be given to help individuals or groups put their ideas into action. Remember they must be members of an LAYC group.

How quickly will I hear?

Within a month of the return date of the application. Check the box on the form to see when you’ve got to get the form back by.

Who do I need to tell?

If any individual is applying then you will need to get the club leader as a reference.

Are you sure to get a grant?

Unfortunately not. There is only a limited amount of money to give out every time and so each application has to be treated on its own merits.

How do I apply?

An application form will be in your Affiliation Pack which will be sent to you after you have affiliated to LAYC . This is usually around November.

Complete it and send to The Joyce Dunford Bequest, c/o LAYC, Dunford House, 7 Boroughloch Lane, Edinburgh EH8 9NL

What’s the next Closing Date?

Because of the level of interst currently we are only able to draw the interest that we use to fund the grants once a year. Look out for the closing date on the form.

Who was Joyce Dunford?

Joyce was chair and president of LAYC from the 1960’s to the early 1980’s. When she died she left a legacy to LAYC and it has subsequently been augmented by further donations from individuals and businesses.