ASC Co -operative Charter

At LAYC we’re great fans of working both collaboratively, co-operatively and of the fantastic work undertaken by parent led after school clubs. So we’re doubly delighted to have taken both these things and combined them into an After School Club Charter Mark which is awarded to those after school clubs who can demonstrate that’s how they seek to work!

The idea of the ASC Co-operative Charter was born from discussions with after school clubs and how to work more co -operatively in line with Edinburgh Council’s electoral pledge on developing a Co-operative agenda. This work with after school clubs, aided by Martin Metyard from the Co-operative movement, began to recognise that parent led and community based after school clubs were in fact operating using co-operative principles. Those principles of fairness, community ownership, not for profit, co-operation and underlying it all, child centred, are the backbone of the After School Clubs Co-operative Charter.

So what do after school clubs gain from being a member of the Charter and gaining the Charter Mark? LAYC has pulled together a raft of tailored services that seek to acknowledge the commitment to co-operative working and to directly assist them to develop a more co-operative approach. They include:

  • Grants to support collaborative work including with another Chartered ASC and other partners
  • Paid mentoring time from a pool of experienced ASC Managers to provide tailored support
  • On site training for staff teams on key topics
  • Access to study space and course materials for those undertaking training
  • Copy of the LAYC Charter Quality Assurance Guide
  • Exclusive access to some development projects

So how can you join and become an ASC Charter Mark? A short application form with information about the Scheme will be sent out to all Edinburgh based After School Clubs. This helps us to check that groups meet the co-operative criteria and qualify for the Charter Mark. The Charter Mark is only open to members of LAYC. It will run concurrently with the Membership year and be available to be renewed annually.

The Charter represents a major recognition by the City of Edinburgh Council placing real value on the work done by parent led after school clubs. We know it requires the right support to be provided to help sustain and develop community based provision. LAYC is very grateful for some funding and the support of the Early Years team in being able to launch this innovative Charter.