Youth Achievement Awards & Dynamic Youth Awards

Youth Achievement Awards and Dynamic Youth Awards

The Youth Achievement Awards (YAA) and Dynamic Youth Awards (DYA) are peer assessed awards recognising the contributions and achievements of children in the 10 to 14 age group (for DYA’s) and  young people aged 14+ (for YAA’s). 

The awards are easy to use, progressive and can be incorporated into existing youth and children work programmes. Children and young people are encouraged to self assess and then peer assess each other’s achievements. The DYA’s can also act as a route and access point to the Youth Achievement Awards enabling both young people and staff to familiarise themselves with the processes involved in delivering the awards.

To download a Youth Scotland promotional flyer about both DYA’s and YAA’s please click here.

Key features of  both awards are:

  • they are peer assessed: children & young people assess and award certificates as part of an Award Group
  • they are externally accredited by ASDAN, the Award Scheme Development and Accreditation Network
  • they are non-prescriptive: the awards complement existing quality youth work practice providing a framework, not a programme
  • they encourage and support youth participation: the process encourages children and young people to take increasing responsibility for their own future
  • they are progressive: the awards encourage continuing participation and increasing responsibility
  • they link to Curriculum for Excellence and are credit rated on the Scottish Credit Qualifications Framework (SCQF).

To access DYA

Dynamic Youth Awards can only be accessed through Youth Scotland and by being a member of LAYC. On the Membership form there is a tick box that asks if the club/group wants to register for DYA and to recieve a starter kit of 10 free DYA Challenge Sheets worth £50. This will register you for DYA’s with Youth Scotland and enable you to get going.

Unlike YAA’s where there is a requirement for a member of your staff team to be trained to use them, there is no such rule for DYA’s. However,  LAYC regularly offers a 3 hour practical session on using the younger award. This provides a real insight in using the award, its portfolios (called Challenge Sheets for DYA’s) and undertaking the internal and external moderation procedures that groups need to undertake.

Check the LAYC training calendar for the next available course.

To register for YAA

More than 200 statutory and voluntary youth organisations and education institutes in Scotland offer the awards to young people. The qualifications authority ASDAN accredits the awards and there are two tiers of registration to access the awards:

1)   Operating Agencies (OA)

An Operating Agency is the body responsible for maintaining and overseeing standards in the operation of the awards (YAA) within the groups which are called Participating Units.

An Operating Agency will ensure that groups using the awards are registered with Youth Scotland, that workers have received the necessary training, that both young people working towards an award and workers supporting this process are appropriately supported and that the completed award meets national standards. The OA undertakes the internal moderation for all the portfolios that will be submitted through them.

Operating Agencies are usually national organisations, larger regional organisations, local Area Associations of Youth Scotland like LAYC, local authorities or local authority services e.g. Youth Service or Education Services.

The fee to become an Operating Agency is £1,250 per year and you can download the OA registration form by clicking on this link.

LAYC is registered as an Operating Agency and therefore any current member  group is eligible to register at a fee of £60 to Youth Scotland to become a Participating Unit.

2)   Participating Units (PU)

A Participating Unit is a group that operates the award directly with young people. A Participating Unit must register with Youth Scotland through an existing Operating Agency (LAYC) and will receive support in the delivery of the award directly from their Operating Agency. You will also be given an unique registration number which you’ll use in respect of ordering materials and undertaking internal moderation of all the portfolios that come through you.

Participating Units are usually individual clubs or groups, small projects, local offices/ branches of national organisations, schools etc.

The current fee is £60 and you can download the PU registration form by clicking on this link.

If you do register directly with Youth scotland please advice LAYC and remember if your affiliation lapses then so will your registration with Youth Scotland.

YAA and DYA  training

You are not required to undertake training to deliver/use DYA’s. However, LAYC offers a 3 hour course (evening or weekend) as part of the core training programme which is highly recommended to encourage and support staff to take the first steps to using the younger award. The cost is £15 per person.

For those wanting to use YAA there is a requirement by Youth Scotland that at least one of the staff involved in the delivery/use of them has attended the introductory course. These are offered by Youth Scotland on a full day basis  as part of their Scottish wide training programme and details can be found on their website. The cost for the course is £50 for members/registered groups of £75 for non.

LAYC has truncated the course to a half day or evening with sessional and volunteer staff in mind and again this is regularly offered as part of the core programme. The cost for members is £15 and £30 for non.

YAA and DYA  materials

By affiliating to LAYC and by ticking the box on the membership form then you are able to access the 10 free Dynamic Youth Awards Challenge Sheets. Thereafter, DYA Challenge Sheets will cost you £5 each and are available on order directly from Youth Scotland. 

Registering as a Participating Unit for YAA will cost an initial fee of £60 and between £9 – £12 per YAA portfolio depending whether it’s for the bronze, silver or gold award. Other information and downloadable materials including sample portfolios, step by step guides, links to Curriculum for Excellence and a range of useful toolkits are accessible via Youth Scotland’s website by clicking on The Awards section of the home page.