IT or Involvement Training

IT is the new and refreshed involvement training programme for young people previously known as SMIT (Senior Member Inviolvement Training).

With a new look and updated programme IT provides an unique platform of local and national training which is specifically designed and delivered for young people who want to change things in their own groups and communities.

IT is targetted primarily at 14 – 18 year olds to increase youth participation and  the course coincidently addresses the four competances of Curriculm for Excellence – Successful Learners, Confident Individuals, Responsible Citizens and Effective Contributors.

So who’s IT for ?

Involvement training has beed designed for young people between the ages of 14 and 18 who regularly attends a youth group or are engaged with youth workers in a more ad hoc basis. Critical is that the young people concerned have shown real interest in becoming/getting more involved in the work of the group and a desire to develop their skills to achieve that.

So why IT ?

Involvement training offers an unique approach by providing a progressive route to the training, culminating in those young people involved doing an actual activity or piece of work that they have identified, designed and delivered. IT can be used to support young people in a variety of ways including  meaningful participation; improving communications; increased skills and capacity building of young people; improved confidences and self esteem and opportunities for young people from different areas of Scotland to come together, share experiences and have fun.

So what IT support for youth workers ?

Individual groups or youth workers can buy into the training and for that local staff are provided with Tutor Training to deliver the local course (called  Stage 1); an IT KIT resource pack which includes all the materials for the local course (Stage 1); support to deliver the local course (Stage 1); a network of support from other trained IT tutors and access to YAA for those young people who want to use this experience towards their Bronze award.

Youth Scotland organise and deliver the national course (Stage 2) which takes the form of a residential week end. The cost of 5 places is included in the IT package. Local staff  accompany the young people from their local course (Stage 1) and provide support to them as they progess through and begin to identify what kind of project they want to develop.

The final part of the course is when the young people return to impliment their plans of action either individually or collectively.

The 3 Stages of IT

Stage 1 – This is the delivery of the IT programme by local youth workers who have been trained by Youth Scotyland to become IT tutors. IT tutors work within thier own or local groups to deliver the pack of participation activities through a series of sessions over a number of evenings or week ends.

Stage 2 – This is a weekend residential course delivered by Youth Scotland staff, that brings together young people from different groups regionally or nationally. Building on the skills developed in Stage 1, this stage focuses on supporting and creating a personal/group plan of action that young people want to organise. It also provides a real opportunity for young people to live, work and play with young people from across Scotland.

Stage 3 – This is the local implementation of their plan or plans in their local communities. The locally trained tutors provide the support to enable them to deliver on their plans.

In Lothian a Steering Group, supported by LAYC, of interested parties from across the areas meets regularly with staff from Youth Scotland to plan, promote and support the delivery and develpment of IT in this part of Scotland. Over the past couple of years groups from Midlothian, South Edinburgh and various parts of West Lothian have participated in and benefitted from their involvement in all three stages. Currently groups from North Berwick, South Edinburgh and West Lothian are preparing to get involved in the next series of Stage 2’s. A copy of the report on the pilot IT programme in Lothian is available by clicking here.

If you are interested in finding out more about IT either locally or nationally click here or  contact either Ian Boardman on 0131 667 1828  or or Philip Ritchie on 0131 554 2561 or