LAYC Publications

LAYC has over the years produced a number of publications, some of which are still around and are relevant to some groups.

The first set of publications relate to a previous project that LAYC managed called The Children’s Work Fund. Initially established to fund the development of after school provision and generic children’s work (we know giving away money for children’s work sadly never caught on since!), it laterally developed resources and tools that supported the work which more than often were drawn/created by groups in the sector.

The publications and game that emerged maybe a bit dated but still provide some usual insights or a practical resource. All those listed below are available from LAYC to members free of charge so give us a bell or drop an email if you want any.

We all have equal rights – a series of 9 workshops designed to work with 7 to 12 year olds who have either experienced racist bullying or at at risk of being caught up in it. Comes in an A4 book with photocopable work sheets.

Earthballs: the essential users manual – developed by and from the crazy world of Jim Balloch (of Spark in the Dark fame) this guide is a must if you have or are thinking about getting an earth ball type thing (technical term !). With14 games and lots of do and don’ts this great little publication (just like Jim) is a wonder to behold and adaptable even if you don’t have an earth ball thing to play with!

The Action Game – a fun floor game based on snakes and ladders that get’s children to talk about and deal with bullying in a fun way. Some years was taken out to the Palestine where it was adopted and adapted for work witin the arab community. Comes in a large wash down pvc floor mat with various cards and large dice which fits into a neat briefcase size zipped wallet. To compliment the game their is a ‘bully busters’ leaflet that reinforces the messages from the action game.

Some years ago LAYC inherited a number of publications from EYSIP (Edinburgh Youth Social Inclusion Partnership) following their closure after funding ran out. Although we don’t possess all their publications we do have a number that again are still relevant to some of the work we are engaged in. Listed below are ones that we still have numerious copies of and are available to member grioups free of charge.

Participation Scrapbook – the scrapbook is a resource for those engaged in participation work and it provides access to a wide range of approaches that have and therefore could be used to develop this work. Imaginatively designed it flows with practical ideas drawn from real experiences.

 Action research pamphlets – although a bit dated the following pamphlets that are designed to fold out provide examples of practice and the learning that can still be taken from them. They cover topics such as Reaching out to BME children; briefing on work with looked after children; working with victims of crime and disabled young people’s direct experiences of public services.

Learning by doing – a series of briefings from a programme of action research with socially excluded young people covering over 20 projects just over 10 years ago. Apart from being a usual commentary on where we were at that time it does still provide some helpful reminders of what work works.

The recruitment pack – produced by Save the Children some 5 years ago it is a practical resource pack for supporting and engaging children and young people in meaningful ways when recruiting staff. Still a critical issue and one we rarely get right, this pack will walk you through real ways of making it happen. Again free to member groups.