Membership to LAYC is open to most individuals, clubs, groups and organisations involved in not for profit work with children and young people in Edinburgh and the Lothians.

LAYC maintains quality standards for membership in order to promote, support and develop a safe youth work environment.

All groups affiliated to LAYC / Youth Scotland must agree to:

  • support the purposes and activities of the LAYC/Youth Scotland network;
  • hold regular meetings and provide a suitable programme offering more than one major activity in accordance with such aims;
  • have the following policies and procedures in place, or work with support from the LAYC / Youth Scotland Network to put these policies and procedures in place:

o  Child Protection;

o  Health and Safety;

o  Recruitment and Selection of staff and volunteers

  • implement checks on volunteers/staff that are required by current legislation
  • keep accurate records of constitution, membership and finance, and supply these to LAYC / Youth Scotland upon request;
  • operate on a “not for profit” basis;
  • not be affiliated to or associated with any political party;
  • provide complete and accurate information as is required on application for affiliation;
  • pay a membership fee for each affiliation year as set by LAYC / Youth Scotland;
  • comply with such other conditions as may be prescribed by LAYC / Youth Scotland; and
  • contribute up to a maximum of One Pound (£1) should Youth Scotland be wound up while being a member of the organisation.

The membership period runs from the 1st of November to the 31st of October.

There are now two different ways to join LAYC which enables prospective members to join at the most appropriate level of support and services.

Membership forms can be downloaded by the Membership Benefits page.

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