STEP 1: Your group needs to download and complete a PVG Contract with LAYC

STEP 2: The individual person should complete the application filling in the Disclosures Online Form below using BLOCK CAPITAL letters (we suggest pressing the CAPS LOCK key on your keyboard).

STEP 3: When all the information required has been entered press  the “SEND” button . The person  should see a message which reads  “Thank you for your message. It has been sent.” The individual person now needs to contact LAYC on 0131 667 1828 or email enquiries@layc.org.uk to arrange a date and time for an appointment to come in to the LAYC Offices to sign the application.

STEP 4: When the person  attends  to sign their application they will also have to produce at least three forms of identity (one of them should be photographic and there should be two recent proofs of address, such as a utility bill and a bank statement).

If you have any enquiries relating to the information requested below please do not hesitate to contact us at LAYC on 0131 667 1828 or email enquiries@layc.org.uk

All fields should be filled in unless indicated otherwise.

(In each case you will receive a copy of the certificate as will LAYC on behalf of the organisation you will be working for.)


Name at Birth (if different)

Any other names known by or previously known by?

Birth Details

Contact Information

Additional Information

Are you now or have you ever been

Current Home Address

Home Address History

If you have not lived at your current home address for FIVE years then please provide your previous addresses covering this period, with the most recent first.

Previous address #1

Previous address #2

Previous address #3


If you are registered with the SSSC or GTC for Scotland you can have a duplicate copy sent to them too.


I am aware that I am required to provide a minimum of three forms of identification, one of them being photographic. These forms of ID should confirm my name and date of birth and my recent home address (within the past three months).

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