Laurene Edgar


I started working with LAYC…May 2015

My job role at LAYC is…Director Leading all the main activities of LAYC – providing training, advice, support and information to Member Groups. The role also involves representing youth & children’s work at various local authority wide and community-based meetings to champion the role of universal youth and children’s work and raise awareness of the work Member Groups are undertaking to support children and young people.

The best part of my job at LAYC is…working with a wide variety of organisations who are Members as well as all the partner agencies involved in the work of LAYC. It’s great to hear from Member Groups and the innovative work they are doing to support the best outcomes for children and young people across Lothian.

My aspirations for LAYC are…a vibrant Membership and LAYC being creatively response to the way it not only meets Member Group needs but those of the wider youth and children’s work sector.

My motto or personal mantra is…working hard for something we don’t care about is called stress. Working hard for something we love is called passion!

Rosalie Short

Administration, Communications and Marketing

I started working at LAYC in... November 2019

My job role at LAYC is... communicating with members, compiling our weekly bulletin, our social media and website, managing training bookings and setting up for training, PVGs, finance, etc.!

The best part of working at LAYC is... knowing that we’re supporting our member groups to make a real impact for young people who often aren't getting that support anywhere else.

My aspirations for LAYC are... a rebrand, grow our members, and engage all members in what we offer.

My motto or personal mantra is... be kind, be intentional, appreciate what you have!