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The Team


Laurene Edgar


I started working with LAYC…May 2015

My job role at LAYC is…Director Leading all the main activities of LAYC – providing training, advice, support and information to Member Groups. The role also involves representing youth & children’s work at various local authority wide and community-based meetings to champion the role of universal youth and children’s work and raise awareness of the work Member Groups are undertaking to support children and young people. The best part of my job at LAYC is…working with a wide variety of organisations who are Members as well as all the partner agencies involved in the work of LAYC. It’s great to hear from Member Groups and the innovative work they are doing to support the best outcomes for children and young people across Lothian. My aspirations for LAYC are…a vibrant Membership and LAYC being creatively response to the way it not only meets Member Group needs but those of the wider youth and children’s work sector.

My motto or personal mantra is…working hard for something we don’t care about is called stress. Working hard for something we love is called passion!

Alison McCallum

Business and Finance Officer

I started working at LAYC in... February 2021

My job role at LAYC is... Business and Finance Officer which includes; communicating with member groups, running reports, finance, social media, website updates, PVG support, training bookings, the weekly E-Bulletin and more! The best part of working at LAYC is... being part of an inclusive, open and encouraging team which actively champions and supports local youth and children’s work. My aspirations for LAYC are... that the organisation continues to provide great support to member groups.  I am also keen to continue to grow our membership base, whilst ensuring the support and training we can provide is widely known.

My motto or personal mantra is... Being kind, helpful and considerate can lift everyone’s spirits!

Emma Lee

Development Worker, Training and Capacity Building

I started working with LAYC… 22nd October 2020

My job role at LAYC is… to lead on the provision of LAYC’s training programme- through the identification of training needs, training providers, delivery of training and evaluation of its impact on youth and children’s work practice. Another vital part of my job is to provide localised and tailored support to Members Groups – promoting quality youth and children’s work across Edinburgh and the Lothians. The best part of my job at LAYC is…the people, the opportunity to develop further, to do something I love doing training - its challenging and rewarding all at the same time! My aspirations for LAYC are… that the training programme and membership continue to grow and develop. Believing that by providing high quality training opportunities and support will unfold in children and young people having access to children and youth work that is innovative, creative and supportive.

My motto or personal mantra is…Choose courage over comfort. Choose whole hearts over armour. And choose the great adventure of being brave and afraid at the exact same time. (B.Brown)

Rhiannon Lee


I started working at LAYC in... February 2023

My job role at LAYC is... Administrator. This includes communicating with member groups, social media, and e-bulletin.  

The best part of working at LAYC is… being part of a small, friendly team which works to strengthen youth and children’s work in the Lothians.

My motto or personal mantra is… “True humility is not thinking less of yourself; it is thinking of yourself less”. C.S. Lewis