We value your feedback

Earlier this month we launched the 2017/2018 training programme and with the training programme comes your feedback!

If you’ve ever been on any of our training or networking events you’ll know we start and end with a short evaluation. We welcome the feedback we get from these and it helps ensure future training sessions and future programmes are relevant and meet the needs of youth and children’s workers.

Launching with our 2017/2018 training programme is LAYC’s Good HQ page, click here to find out more.

Good HQ is a new digital platform that provides a place for people to review and share their experiences- a bit like Tripadvisor for the charity sector!

Good HQ gives training participants and partner organisations the chance to leave some feedback or a review about their LAYC training experience or indeed any engagement with us.

Comments and reviews can be left here

We look forward to reading your comments and feedback!